Meet The Doctors


Who we are - Tveten;

What we do - Dental; and

How we do it - Care.

Although it can be tricky to spell and sounds a little funny, the TVETEN name comes from Telemark, Norway and represents integrity, compassion, endurance through 25 years of service in the Wenatchee Valley.

Because we have four wonderful Dentists, two of whom are Tvetens, we call all of our Doctors by their first name: Dr. David, Dr. Brandon, Dr. Jason, and Dr. Collin.

Each Doctor on the Tveten Dental Care team has exceptional clinical dental ability and genuine care for people! They’re also all Dads and love to smile so in addition to their bio below, you’ll laugh (or roll your eyes) from one of their favorite Dad jokes!

All of the doctors strive to create a family feel among our team and extend that to patients, caring for and smiling with all, just as they would their own family!

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