Our Technology

Digital X-Rays

Tveten Dental Care embraces cutting-edge technology with digital X-rays, revolutionizing diagnostics. Our state-of-the-art digital X-ray system ensures precise imaging with reduced radiation exposure, enhancing diagnostic accuracy. This technology allows our skilled dental professionals to swiftly detect issues, facilitating prompt and tailored treatment plans for our patients.

CEREC – Crowns in Single Visit

Elevating patient convenience, Tveten Dental Care employs CEREC technology, enabling the creation of crowns in a single visit. Gone are the days of multiple appointments; our advanced system crafts durable and aesthetically pleasing crowns onsite. Patients experience expedited treatment without compromising quality, as our CEREC technology seamlessly integrates digital impressions and precise milling for efficient and effective dental restorations.

Digital Scanner Integration

Tveten Dental Care prioritizes patient comfort and accuracy by integrating digital scanners. Say farewell to traditional, uncomfortable impressions. Our digital scanners provide a non-invasive, streamlined process for capturing precise impressions of your teeth, ensuring a comfortable experience and superior diagnostic results. This technology enhances our ability to offer tailored treatment plans, promoting optimal oral health for our valued patients.

CBCT (Digital 3D Imaging)

Advanced technology takes center stage with the integration of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) at Tveten Dental Care with capabilities in dental imaging. The digital 3D imaging provided by CBCT allows for a comprehensive view of oral structures with unparalleled clarity and precision. This advanced technology enhances the precision of diagnostics, enabling the dental team at Tveten to meticulously plan treatments such as implant placements and root canal procedures. Patients can benefit from reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional CT scans, making CBCT a safer and more patient-friendly option for obtaining detailed three-dimensional images of the oral anatomy.

These technologies collectively represent Tveten Dental Care’s commitment to providing modern, patient-centric dental solutions, combining efficiency with precision for an elevated dental experience.

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