Fastbraces® — Wenatchee, WA

Searching for the right orthodontics choice in Wenatchee? Tveten Dental Care may have the answer! We are proud to offer Fastbraces® for both adults & children.

What Are Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® are an affordable alternative to traditional braces. Originally designed in 1992, Fastbraces® are available through trained & certified dentists at locations nationwide. Dr. Tveten is proud to be a member of this growing group.

Fastbraces® work differently than traditional braces. Ordinarily, orthodontic devices move tooth roots first & then crowns in a long, multi-step process. The unique design of Fastbraces® enables us to move those roots & crowns at the same time, drastically reducing treatment time. With Fastbraces®, you can expect to find success in months, not years.

Certified Fastbraces® Provider

Tveten Dental Care is your certified provider of Fastbraces®. We are trained to apply & maintain your Fastbraces® for as long as you may need them.

We want you to have that perfect smile. Contact Tveten Dental Care today to set up a free Fastbraces® consultation. Together, we can decide if Fastbraces® are exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Before & After Photos

3 Month Case

8 Month Case

7 Months In Fastbraces® & Upper Lateral Crowns

7 Month Case

7 Month Case

6 Month Case

5 Month Case

8 Month Case

13 Month Case

4 Month Case